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After-school Schedule June 2023

Upcoming Schedule at Unplggd Early Learning : After School Club enrolments for our nextterm, are now open!

Kick off your developmental journey with a great mix of co-curricular activities for yourlittle one.

Choose from various skill building, edutainment and academic support classes allthrough the week, at our state of the art Aundh centre.

Heads & Tales
Junior Book Club

Our music based storytelling sessions stimulate the children’s imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

It helps them develop language and listening skills. Combined with music and movement with rhymes, musical instruments, dance and an array of STEAM, art and craft activities, this programme invites children to a plethora of fun and learning.

Aspiring Artist

A class to help your child discover their creative elements and bring out the hidden Picasso in them!

This club will brief them through the various elements of art and we aim at making it an enriching experience for your tiny artist. Your child will be creating masterpieces with loads of fun-filled activities

With an Unplggd twist by taking them on a tour and educating them about the various artists & art styles from around the globe.

Count on me

This program is driven by the conceptual understanding and learning of basic math while working on logical thinking skills through various activities and exercises. Numeral learning and conceptual understanding of addition, subtraction and various Pre math concepts are the focus here.

Whole Brain Program

The key to opening up children’s genius-like abilities and limitless potential is stimulating their brains. Through Bloom we implement methods that draw outthe intelligence and talents that children innately possess. With just 6 students per session, Bloom, is based on leading Japanese right brain learning techniques to enhance logic, empathy, intuition, photographic memory, concentration, reading speed and math skills. While working with certified brain gym instructors and kinesiology specialists a Bloom class involves various puzzles and logic enhancement activities with focused general knowledge development and emotion regulation for kids.

Drama Llama
Trinity College London

A popular after-school program in collaboration with the prestigious Trinity College of London
Through this program, we aim at transforming your children into confident individuals with stronger communication skills.
Unplggd Early Learning has had 5+ batches of students pass with flying colors and we now commence our intake for a new batch of students.
Looking for a program that entails – the development of various aspects of drama, voice modulation, articulation, etc to transform your little one?

Here’s you chance.
Limited seats available 🙂

Young Performers Certificate:Gold

The highest level of the Young Performers Certificates,Gold Certificate, aims to sufficiently develop performance skills to provide children with a sound foundation for Initial level graded exams in speech and drama, acting, musicaltheatre or music.

Young Performers Certificate:Sliver

The Silver Certificate allows children to continue to develop their performance skills in a mutually supportive atmosphere while allowing individuals to make their own contributions to the group presentation. It is a shift to encourage children to take up individual as well as group responsibility.

Acting Initial

Acting exams for learners who want to focus on vocal, physical and characterization skills in dramatic performance.

* Develop vocal and physical characterisation skills that actors
use to create successful performances

* Demonstrate knowledge and skills through practical
performance and ability to reflect on your own learning

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Drama Llama - Elocution and Vocabulary Building

A course to enhance your little ones Elocution skills & Vocabulary. Through this program we aim at transforming your children into confident individuals with stronger communication skills. This fun filled program will teach the skills of voice modulation, different degrees of expression and poem recitals.

Sounds Good, Fun with Phonics ( Level 1&2)

☀️This school year give your child a head start with an introductory phonics class along with a special summer edition of storytelling sessions for vocabulary building and language development.

In LEVELS 1️⃣ & 2️⃣of SOUNDS GOOD: FUN WITH PHONICS, we will cover 2 groups of letter sounds and:

🔹Various mouth formation and basic blending techniques.

 🔸How to identify sounds.

🔹Letter recognition and pre-reading skills.

🔸Letter formation instructions and Pre-writing skills.

🔈Enrol now to raise confident readers while making phonics fun.

Unplggd connect
Unplggd connect

Upstart Art

We at Unplggd present to you, Upstart Art 🖼 This camp is nothing like you’ve seen before for children in that age group🤩 In this camp your child will learn a little about textiles along with art from a textile designer with new concepts each Saturday!⚡Our students also get to take a goodie back home after each class🤩

Summer Camps

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