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Our June Schedule


The overly long stay-at-home protocol for our children has brought in tantrums of boredom and a dire concern over the developmental growth due to non-operational schools. But, delay no further, your child’s most important development phase, for its time to kick start this school year with Unplggd’s HOME-E-SCHOOL programme.

Our HOM-E-SCHOOL programme is carefully curated by education experts specifically keeping in mind the early learning requirements and developmental milestones of young learners (2-4 year olds)

This program spans over an academic year targetting specific learning objectives each month , in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Children also acquire knowledge of various thematic topics each month to add to their learning process.

Hom-e-school aims at holistic development of the child as it is a progressive program covering the following-

Through effective remote teaching techniques, our programme enables children to learn and grow from the safety of their homes.

Sound Good - Fun with Phonics

It is a jolly phonics based program for children aged 3 years and above. This 12 level program focuses on teaching kindergartners various letter sounds, how to read words and sentences by blending and putting together these letter sounds.


The STEAM approach of learning teaches children to invent, develop and innovate.

STEAM SQUAD is a new and improved ART-BASED program that focuses on introducing STEAM-based workshops for children to keep the edutainment wagon running.

Oh My Grammar!

Grammar is the logic of speech.

As children start to get a grip of writing, building grammatical skills is of utmost importance. ‘Oh My Grammar!’ is an intensive 8 day program that focuses on building language skills in young learners while making learning fun. We will learn

Types of nouns

All the buillding blocks that our children need to get creative with speech and express themselves better.