Welcome! We at Unplggd use edutainment to create forms of communication which are playful, informative and immersive at the same time. We hold and host engaging workshops and experiential activities for kids from 9 months to 12 years of age which help them learn and grow. In addition to this, we also partner with pre-schools and provide an end-to-end curriculum and teacher training!


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Making Education Fun

Fun Activities

Unplugged connect brings to you ways to keep your child edutained through our carefully planned content that intends to make learning enjoyable and fun with an incidentally high entertainment value that leaves our little ones asking for more.


With decades of collective experience, in varied curriculum formats, the team of experts at Unplugged connect has put together the best, simplest and most effective methods and practices to execute academic programs that are both intellectually stimulating and appealing to children of specific age groups.

Pre-school tieups

We are now joining hands with early education institutions across the country, to help develop and implement school specific curriculums and teacher training programs. We enhance current employee skill sets and modify existing set ups while providing end to end assistance in setting up new early learning centres.

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Childcare (After School)

Online Edutainment

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